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What is MEDtalks?

MEDtalks is the first multi disciplinary online video channel aimed at medical professionals.

Which websites are part of MEDtalks?

The following channels are part of MEDtalks: Oncology TV, Breast Cancer TV, Hematology TV in Dutch, German and in English. New channels will be added to the portfolio.

I am trying to register at the Oncology website. Why do I have to register at the MedTalks website?

All websites use the same registration database. You can access with your email address and password every MEDtalks website.

Which publisher owns MEDtalks?

Quadia Online Video is the publisher of MEDtalks and related sites. Quadia Online Video is the leading medical online video publisher in Europe. Quadia produces CME programs, conference journals and interviews with medical scientists and clinicians.

How is MEDtalks financed?

MEDtalks and related sites are financed by the pharmaceutical industry and health care institutions. MEDtalks receives unrestricted educational grants from pharmaceutical companies. Healthcare institutions publish their CME programs on the various MEDtalks websites.

For whom is MEDtalks intended?

MEDtalks and related sites are intended for medical professionals only. Patients are not granted access.

In which countries can the programs be watched?

The programs can be watched worldwide. However, the program is intended for Europeans only.

If you receive funds from the pharmaceutical industry, are your programs independent?

All programs are produced by independent medical editors. Most of the programs are overseen by a medical editorial advisory board consisting of national and international clinicians. Programs that contained sponsored content, such as satellite symposia, are clearly marked as such. MEDtalks programs are also appearing on websites of professional medical societies.

Are you CME programs accredited?

All of our CME programs are accredited. News programs, interviews, discussion programs are not accredited.

How is the content of each program produced?

Programs originated from the latest clinical guidelines, articles in peer reviewed journals and medical conferences.

How do you select topics?

Our medical editors select topics based on news worthiness, plenary sessions and late breakers during conferences. We will not discuss off-label use of therapies in clinical settings out of the context of conferences. If a therapy is being discussed beyond guidelines, then it will be mentioned in the program.

How do you select your guests and/or speakers?

Guests and speakers are selected based on their knowledge and/or expertise with the topic.

Do you financially compensate your guests?

We do not compensate our guest that appear in our news programs. Only out of pocket expenses, such as taxi, are compensated. Guests, writers who are actively involved in producing programs are compensated for the time they spend on developing a course. The amount compensated is aligned with the code of conduct as described in the terms of each educational grant.